Horse Trails in Lesotho

In conjunction with Khotso Horse Trails Lesotho Adventures offers two main horse trails into (and out again) Lesotho. Strong mention must be made of the unpredictability of the Mountain weather in this high altitude destination.

Our Horseback adventures through Lesotho have you riding through spectacular valleys and cresting awe inspiring ridges and cliffs.. sometimes at a gallop! You could be forgiven for feeling like you have wings!
Among some of the truly unique sights are the otherworldly rock formations we ride through in Sehlabathebe National park. They appear to form a strange theatre moulded by nature to entertain the gods.
The breath-taking Tsoelekane falls entices you into its pool in summer, or to warm up on the shore in winter.
Guests on the three day adventure have the opportunity of exploring deeper into the Maluti Mountains... into villages time forgot and cave paintings left by the mysterious San who once roamed these mountains.
*Although this ride is structured to allow for beginners it is an adventure ride- by no means a plod down the road. You will be manoeuvring your horses through some pretty daunting rock passes .. as long as you can trust your horse can do this with its eyes closed you will be fine!
*All food and supplies for the adventure are carried along by horseback. This means packing light is essential... REALLY light
*Accommodation is in lodges in and around the Sehlabathebe National Park. Facilities are impressive, given the remoteness, but even a simple warm bed feels like 5 star luxury after trekking through the Kingdom in the Sky all day! Please note, however, that electricity is a luxury you will need to do without for a few days.


A description of the Three day Tour:

To start, it’s important to know that on this trip we go up an age old donkey trail, as opposed to the popular and therefore busy and touristy Sani Pass. We will ride for hours without seeing another person and be surrounded by nothing but mountains, valleys and planes throughout. No motorised vehicles are allowed up this pass. The villages are genuine, where few if any have electricity and the people are some of the friendliest I know. We regularly take people who have no horse riding experience what so ever, and, I have noticed, it is usually those who seem to enjoy it the most. We are out for around 5 hours a day, but this includes stops, breaks and lunch. While riding experience is not necessary, a willingness to get into the wild and an acceptance of basic facilities (no electricity, temperamental supplies of running water) in essential to your enjoyment.


DAY I - starts at the farm with a full cooked breakfast, sometime between 7 and 8 am. We then transport the horses and the guests to Bushman’s Nek Pass where we saddle up and hop on the horses. We ride across the border and start the trail. After a nice easy start through the valley we come to the pass up the mountain. We go 1000 m up the pass and reach the top, where we have lunch. At this stage you have entered Lesotho. We continue the ride past amazing rock formations and stay at the Park lodge. This relatively plush, though still basic, lodge was formerly owned by Lesotho’s prime minister and is very comfortable with amazing views from the lounge’s huge windows.


DAY II – We have a nice easy start with a full breakfast and continue on into Sehlabatebe village. We ride down to the clear blue river and follow her into the gorge. There are lots of opportunities to see Bushman’s paintings and beautiful views. Out of the gorge, we go up to the top of the mountain to the secret lake, with a variety of rare birds, such as the crested crane. That night we stay in Ha Semanyane village, where you’ll have the chance to check out the local shop, try some of the local home brew beer and generally check out village life.



– Having sampled the amazing Lesotho bread for breakfast, we head out, returning a largely different route from the way up. We go through the valley of the wild horses (yes, where there are wild horses) and stop at the Tsoelikane waterfalls. Offering further opportunities for exhilarating gallops, the day ends around 4pm back at the farm, where a hot shower and a home cooked meal await you.




Light rain gear

Good hiking shoes/boots

Comfortable jeans

Warm clothes in winter time (gloves, hats, thermals)

Sun screen

Lip balm


Everything you will take will have to fit in a saddle bag, as well as food for dinner etc. Hence, packing light is essential.


NB: we stay in lodges so all bedding is provided.





This includes: all your meals and accommodation from breakfast on DAY I, until dinner at the farm on the final day, but not accommodation at the farm the night before or after the trip.


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